My Own Wilderness Fantasy

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After 40 hours of pasting cut paper onto the wall, one year of carving linoleum, printing it and cutting it into pieces, all of which were preceded by 100’s of miles of  mountains hiking and trail running in northern New York, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Tasmania and Cameroon the exhibition it up at Lake George Courthouse Gallery, Lake George, NY. 

18_Hilary_Lorenz_Lake_George_Printmaking_InstallationEach cut paper installation I do, is build from previous hikes or trail runs from around the world. After running to the top of a particular mountain, I carve it. This keeps me fit, happy, traveling and constantly creating new work. On Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015, my exhibition opened to a great crowd. 
Carving animals that are unique to the region, I spent several days with my dogs in the gallery preparing for the opening on November 14, 2015. I could not have asked for a better reception. Friends drove or took the Amtrak the 200 miles from NYC, others drove 1-2 hours  across the Adirondacks to get there. I was thrilled to see my number one hiking partner and good friend, ADK Nancy, pictured here with me, who made an almost 2 hour drive. We met in a lean-to on a backpack adventure.
Adirondack_Nancy_Hilary_Lorenz.jpgLisa, Amy and Sally all drove up from NYC, and while it is 200 miles, depending on the weather, it can take up to 6 hours to get there, real dedication.  Anyhow, they really made my night along with my family who sent flowers and all those who were at the reception including the press which is always exciting.29_Hilary_Lorenz_Lake_George_Printmaking_InstallationOne year ago I had the great opportunity to make work for Wave Hill Public Garden and Culture Center , so to follow it up one year later adding water,  boats, and new animals and mountains to the mix was a fantastic opportunity. Okay, this clown is Conrad, he is not an official animal in the exhibition.9_Hilary_Lorenz_Lake_George_Printmaking_InstallationI am back in Brooklyn teaching this week, but after next Monday’s class, I will pack up the dogs, and head to Sally’s cabin for Thanksgiving Week with plans to be at the Gallery Saturday November 28. so stop on by if you are in the neighborhood or say, 200 miles!

If you want to see more photos, they will be on FB at

Pregnant Gerbil, Print of the Day, February 4

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Pregnant Gerbil on Olive Green background

Pregnant Gerbil on Olive Green background

Isn’t it cute? A pregnant gerbil on an olive green background. I really don’t know if the gerbil is pregnant, but in the 4th grade when Mrs. Seaver offered her students,  “gerbil couples” to take home, I got mine and soon my two gerbils populated into about 200 in record time.

Pregnant Gerbil now on Etsy, $20 each, just click here.
Each linoleum block print image is 4″ x 6″ printed onto Rives BFK paper 8″ x 10″ in an edition of 10 for only $20.

Full size paper of the Gerbil 10" x 8"

Full size paper of the Gerbil 10″ x 8″

It was very entertaining for a while having all these gerbils. Luckily I always worked, even in 4th grade, so that I could get new aquariums keep my expanding family in. It was really fun at first, then after 100 or so, it was not so fun. But I am still fond of the little critters.

Table of Olive Green Gerbils

Table of Olive Green Gerbils

You will find 10 of these prints available on Stonetrigger Press Etsy along with two pages of additional prints. Each weekend I made a new print, always on 8″ x 10″ Rives BFK, and always ready by 8pm EST.

What will happen on Day 31?

30 prints 30 days, Prints, Small Print Store

Thirty prints in thirty days has been an amazing challenge, a huge amount of fun, and a project that just took off. I will stop it now. What is going to happen next?

I have given this a lot of thought. Those thoughts include, “I would really like to have Saturday and Sunday to work on longer projects, drawings, larger prints, or a “play day” out in the snow. I also want to print linoleum blocks onto soft cotton t-shirts and offer t-shirts.

For the month of February the project will look like this:

1. A new print Monday through Friday, still 8″ x 10″ still $20. 5 prints per week instead of 7.
2. No prints, no posts on Saturday and Sunday
3. I will use the weekend to carve larger blocks for t-shirts and offer 1-shirt a week. I will also offer your choice of color on the t-shirt. This will be a different image from the art prints.

See you on Monday!

Please send me your ideas and thoughts. I love hearing them.

The Royal Elephant, print #26 of 30.

30 prints 30 days, Prints, Small Print Store
spirit animal,


I want the elephant to be my spirit animal! They walk almost noiselessly, with exceptionally graceful and rhythmic striding, unlike me as I lumber away in my running. Elephants communicate telepathically with herd members as well as other elephants. Whoa, I want to communicate telepathically. Can you hear what I am communication right now? I didn’t think so but it was worth a try.



This is a good looking elephant and there are 10 waiting on Etsy for you.

Elephant  fun fact:
Elephants have 4 teeth, all molars.
Elephant tusks point backwards. They use them as weapons and for digging edible roots.
Elephants have emotions that are comparable to human – love, joy, jealousy, rage.
As well as being the largest land animals, they are also among the longest lived, with life spans of 60+ years.


To bring us up to date on the 30prints is 30 days, this is number 26. All are printed onto 8″ x 10″ paper in an edition of 10 and only $20.  They are released daily and available on Etsy.

30 prints in 30 days

30 prints in 30 days


The Lizard found a home!


Great news today, I am happy that  my watercolor drawing,  “The fearless lizard drops it’s tail, swiftly climbing to new heights.” did climb to new heights. He was sold today from my exhibition at The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs in Matfield Green, KS.

Hilary_Lorenz_drawing_17 This exhibition runs through December 21st and I will be in Kansas for a closing reception on December 12. See you in Kansas!

Kansas Art Week

Hilary Lorenz Installation Photo

Hilary Lorenz Installation Photo

I am so excited. “In the Spirit” my exhibition of 20 linocut collage drawings is currently being hung beautifully at Pioneer Bluffs. The opening is  Saturday from 2-5 and it is during the Fall Festival. Check out all the activities! I want to do some geocaching!

Hilary Lorenz Installation Photo

Hilary Lorenz Installation Photo

Tonight I head to the Kansas City Art Insitute where I will spend the morning giving a talk and critiquing students. I am looking forward to seeing my friend Laura Berman, the best printmaker/artist in KC!

While at the KCAI,  Conrad and Homer get to hang out with the dog sitter. I already prepared them by taking a nice long swim this morning at Chase Fishing Lake in the beautiful Flint Hills of KS. Hopefully they will be a bit calmer after our 12 hour yesterday.
Chase fishing

Drawing #20 Done!

"Shine On" watercolor and collage 10" x 14"

“Shine On” watercolor and collage 10″ x 14″

Spirit animal of the week? That’s right, it is the firefly. This is watercolor collage drawing #20, it will be sent to the framers to meet the other 19 tomorrow. It is a real wacky one, the fireflies  are hand colored linoleum block prints  slightly raised off the surface of the paper as it they are flying. Super Cool! These fireflies are here to remind you to, “shine your light.”

Two pieces have already sold from my studio. They will still be in the exhibition for all to see. These smart collectors knew to buy one now because once at the gallery with the commissions added on, the price rises, and then only climb for there.  So if you even think you might want one, talk to me now.

Drawings Shipped to Framer, Lean-to close to done.

8' x 6' Ink drawing of Lean-to by Hilary Lorenz

8′ x 6′ Ink drawing of Lean-to by Hilary Lorenz

My lean-to ink drawing is  on it’s way to completion. This will be going into my exhibition at Wave Hill in October. It is big, about 8 feet long and I hope to have it done in the next couple of days. On Friday I shipped all 19 drawings (the of which are already sold!)  to the framer. I have the best framing in the world, Rabbet Art Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ. Dot, always takes great care of my artwork. I went to a few framers in Santa Fe,  but I decided to keep loyal to Rabbet. I am completely confident that they will frame it and have it waiting for me at the Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs when I get there on October 2. 

I had the chance to hike and run last weekend. A friend and I went to Chicoma Mountain, highest peak in the Jemez Mountains, no trail and a 26 mile forest road to drive in on  made it a great adventure. The highlight of the day was seeing an Elk. Funny thing is, the prior week an Elk was my spirit animal.  The day before the hike I went on a run along the Rio Grande Gorge from Pillar to the Taos Bridge, stopped 3 miles short of the bridge. I ended with 16 miles, but it was a rough run. It should have been easy but with all the direct sunlight it was  just too hot for me.  

Today everything is bright and beautiful here in Abiquiu, NM, three more weeks and I start my drive east for all these shows. Until then, you will find me in my studio. 

StoneTrigger Press Hilary Lorenz

StoneTrigger Press
Hilary Lorenz

August 18 Spirit Animal

Elk Spirit Animal

Elk Spirit Animal

I had a great weekend of running up Wheeler Peak in Northern New Mexico, a 16 mile round trip  from 9400 ft of altitude to 13,100.’ After being pelted with  hail, sleeting rain, freezing winds and having to outrun thunder and lightning, I took my Monday morning aching quads to the printshop.

Fitting of yesterday’s run the Elk is my spirit animal of the week. The elk is associated with nobility, perseverance, endurance, relationships with others, stamina, strength, agility and pacing. I used all of these traits in yesterday’s run and called them up again this  morning to draw, carve and hand  print this weeks Spirit Animal Edition. I do this one day a week, each week, usually on Monday. Check back often as you animal may just show up next!

To read more about the Elk Spirit Animal and or to purchase one of these $40 prints, just click here.

There may be a peacock or two left from last week. I will add one animal a week to this collection.

New Watercolor Collage Complete


Today was a great day in the studio. I got a new watercolor collage done. It was a blast working on it. This series of drawings started when a colleague gave me dozen’s of sheets of Italian printed paper that her mother collected in the early 1950’s. The same week a friend gave me a roll of linoleum. The only thing I knew was that I was going to use both materials to make my new work.

Within a week I had stumbled onto a horoscope website. I am not one to read my horoscope or honestly believe  it, but this one is fun. Susyn Blair-Hunt, sends you daily horoscopes with a weekly affirmation and spirit animal. I made it my practice to carve the animal I, a Libra, was given each Monday morning. These linoleum block printed animals have  turned into a nice series, a series which will be available on myEtsy shop beginning Friday, August 15th. They have also become cut-outs that I weave into my watercolors making up little fantasy stories. This one containing, peacocks, a swan, and a hawk, all animals that lead me over the past three weeks. What does each one stand for? Well I will let you look that up, or check out myEtsy site on Friday, where each  lino block 8″ x 10″ print will be available, and the link will be on my front page. Until then, here is my new watercolor drawing.

10" x 14" Watercolor Collage Drawing

10″ x 14″ Watercolor Collage Drawing