What will happen on Day 31?

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Thirty prints in thirty days has been an amazing challenge, a huge amount of fun, and a project that just took off. I will stop it now. What is going to happen next?

I have given this a lot of thought. Those thoughts include, “I would really like to have Saturday and Sunday to work on longer projects, drawings, larger prints, or a “play day” out in the snow. I also want to print linoleum blocks onto soft cotton t-shirts and offer t-shirts.

For the month of February the project will look like this:

1. A new print Monday through Friday, still 8″ x 10″ still $20. 5 prints per week instead of 7.
2. No prints, no posts on Saturday and Sunday
3. I will use the weekend to carve larger blocks for t-shirts and offer 1-shirt a week. I will also offer your choice of color on the t-shirt. This will be a different image from the art prints.

See you on Monday!

Please send me your ideas and thoughts. I love hearing them.

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