New Watercolor Collage Complete


Today was a great day in the studio. I got a new watercolor collage done. It was a blast working on it. This series of drawings started when a colleague gave me dozen’s of sheets of Italian printed paper that her mother collected in the early 1950’s. The same week a friend gave me a roll of linoleum. The only thing I knew was that I was going to use both materials to make my new work.

Within a week I had stumbled onto a horoscope website. I am not one to read my horoscope or honestly believe  it, but this one is fun. Susyn Blair-Hunt, sends you daily horoscopes with a weekly affirmation and spirit animal. I made it my practice to carve the animal I, a Libra, was given each Monday morning. These linoleum block printed animals have  turned into a nice series, a series which will be available on myEtsy shop beginning Friday, August 15th. They have also become cut-outs that I weave into my watercolors making up little fantasy stories. This one containing, peacocks, a swan, and a hawk, all animals that lead me over the past three weeks. What does each one stand for? Well I will let you look that up, or check out myEtsy site on Friday, where each  lino block 8″ x 10″ print will be available, and the link will be on my front page. Until then, here is my new watercolor drawing.

10" x 14" Watercolor Collage Drawing

10″ x 14″ Watercolor Collage Drawing

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