Moth Migration – 2nd update


Sorry I have no pretty pictures today. I have been teaching the last two days and did not have time to print. But I have a new crop of questions that I want to get out. You may have one of these questions on your mind.

Do you want the name of the moths?
Yes, please tell me the moth species. You may write it on the card with your name and address when sending in your moths.

Does my moth have to look exactly like the real thing?
No, not at all, you may take all the liberty you like.

Can I send you 5 different moths?

Can I send you more than 5?
Yes.  My goal is 40,000 + I am hand printing about 4,000 myself between now and May.  I will print each myself but get help in cutting them out.

Does the paper have to be two sided?
No, it does not. The paper can be just black or white or grey without any detail. It can be detailed on one side or both if you really want to make that,  but it will not be well seen on the bottom. Because I am making several thousand myself, I am using old prints and drawings as my moth paper. I am printing on the “clean” side so there will be texture and marking on the bottom. It is also essentially “free” paper since I already have it.

Does the size you listed 1″ to 6″ include the wings?
Yes, that size is the total for the largest areas of the moth, whether it be the height or the width. That way it will be into an A4 envelope.

What exactly do I need to be a moth ambassador?
Moth Ambassadors are people not living in the US and who would like to gather a group of 5 other people to make moths, but shipping from their country could be cost prohibited. I do not want to deny people the opportunity to participate simply because of postage. Moths must be all packaged together from one location  in an A3 or A4 sized envelope and send international standard mail, no express or special services. Please confirm you want to be a moth ambassador with me. I will need a copy of the the receipt of postage from the post office. (This is for my tax purposes since I am self funding it)  Receipt can be send via email.

As always, I am deeply thankful for your participation and so excited to see how all this will unfold. More photos will come this weekend.

Please email your intention to participate and questions to:




Crowd Sourced Paper Moths Wanted!

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Linoleum block printed & cut paper hawk moth ©hilarylorenz

Call for Participation!  Cut paper and/or printed moths – Deadline July 15, 2017

I was invited to create an installation for the exhibition titled, “Cross Pollination.” Curated by Valerie Roybal, with assistance from Claude Smith and independent curator Aimee Gwynne Franklyn at 516Arts, Albuquerque, NM Cross Pollination refers to how insects and other creatures pollinate plant life, but also to the cross pollination of ideas in art and science. I want to create an artwork using  moths, nocturnal pollinators, as the vehicle for the cross-pollination and systematic exchanges between people.

Anyone from around the world may participate by making paper cut out moths. Moth will be cataloged and attached to gallery walls and ceiling in a giant geographically accurate web. This web will trace the origin location to every participating person. The moths will “fly out” from Brooklyn, NY and “fly” from city to state to country tracing the “migration” pattern of people’s participation.

My goal is to create and attract at least 40,000 moths. The number derives from the number of moths a grizzly bear may eat per day prior to hibernation. What does the grizzly have to do with migration? Probably not a whole lot beyond intercepting the work of the moths by eating them all.


  • Color: black, white or grey paper and or/ink – No colour
  • Size: No larger than 6″ (15.25cm)and no smaller than 1″ (2.5cm).
  • Paper weight can be variable, from about 30g/m to 270g/m.
  • Matte paper only please – No Glossy Paper – No “printer paper”
  • Species: Any moth of your choosing. I encourage your regional moth.
  • Deadline: All moths must arrive by  July 15, 2017
  • Mediums: Cut paper, Linocut, lithography, Etching, Laser cut, Silkscreen, Letterpress, Drawing,  no photograph no digital prints, no computer print outs.
  • When in doubt  keep image plain and simple
  • Documentation: All locations and connections to people will be documented on paper and my website. A text sheet and diagram  with all participants will  accompany the installation.
  • You may make as many or as little moths as you like, but it would be ideal to have at least 5 of the same moth for visual groupings.
  • Please print name, city or town, state or province, country and who you found out about the project from. I will trace everyone back to the origin.
  • Please fill out this form by clicking here. 
  • Exhibition dates are August 19 – November 11, 2017 but I need the moths by July 15th in order to photograph and catalog them. Installation begins August 1, 2017.
  • Important: Moth shape must be cut out of paper. Please do not send moth with any background image or paper. Just the outside contour as seen in the top image. 
  • Please share your photos progress and completed moth photos on our FB group page, Moth Migration Project

Fine Print: Due to the volume of expected contributors I am unable to return the moths. All participants will receive a moth postcard in the mail signed by me as a thank you and acknowledgment of their participation. The exhibition will be well documented and all photos will be available from my website. Your contribution will also be noted on my website. There are no fees and no exchange of money involved.

Please email your intention to participate and questions to:

You will receive mailing instructions, once you confirm your participation.

Thank you so much for contribution to my project.
Now I must get back to printing. 

Again here is the form to fill out. 


Simplified detail sketch of idea, actual size will be over 6 walls and 50 linear feet.

Updates and Important Information

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For those of you that frequent my Etsy Store. I will close the shop from June 29 to July 15 while I am traveling.. Before I go I am offering Summer20 coupon, a 20% discount on all orders over $40 from today until June 28th. All orders will ship by 29th.  Just type in “Summer20.”

Also, Mr. C, Conrad has his own benefit print. After making 16 vet visits in 4 weeks, the always smiling Conrad got his own 7″ x 5″ print, a super deal at only $10 to help offset the cost of his bandage changes. Surprise a friend and make them smile with a smiling Labrador in a cone hand printed linocut. All details are on my Etsy Stonetrigger Press Page.

My four month Governors Island  residency is coming to a close. As part of my participation in Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Process Space artist residency program, I’m pleased to invite you to learn more about my latest project “Migration” a series of linocut printed and hand colored birds at LMCC’s Governors Island Open Studios. This is a preview for a later and 10x larger more sophisticated installation at Brooklyn Bridge Park, in October.  Open Studio is free and open to all on June 25th from 1 to 4pm only. Click here  for FB invite. 

There is an hourly ferry from Manhattan and one from Pier 6 in Brooklyn. Plan ahead it will be crowded on the ferry!!!!!

Lastly I will leave for my studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico on June 29th and stay until July 29th. From there I will drive to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a three week artist residency at the C-Scape Beach Shack on the National Seashore.   and return to NYC on September 1.

Sold-Original Watercolor with Linocut Collage, Beaver -30 DAY CHALLENGE – #7

Original Watercolor, 5

Original Watercolor, 5″ x 7″ with Collage – StoneTrigger Press ETsy

Ah, the beaver, those semi-aquatic, primarily nocturnal rodents, master engineers that dam up rivers and streams sure are cute little critters. My dogs Conrad and Homer look very much like beavers when they are out swimming.

The beaver is a linoleum block print that is cut out and collaged onto 300 pound Arches Watercolor Paper. I then hand drawn watercolor with my favorite Schmincke super high quality natural gums, water-soluble  pigments. At the top are hand cut shapes from vintage Italian  paper.

Black Frame  Not included with artwork

Black Frame Not included with artwork

This is what he would look like in a standard black wood frame. I think this is my favorite. But I also have an example in white. Frames are not included they are only for reference.

White frame not included

White frame not included

Here is the green and yellow drawing in a white frame. He would look super cute in a kids room, a country house, your sea-side cottage, or a wall that demands a smaller size artwork, image 7″ x 5″ displayed in a 12″ x 9″ frame. He is now available on my Etsy Store by clicking here.

Sold-A New 30 Day One of a Kind Watercolor Collage Challenge

One of a Kind Watercolor Elk Collage, Click to Purchase

Watercolor Elk Collage, Click to Purchase

A new 30 day challenge! I thought about this for weeks now. It is my last 30 days in New Mexico, I will return to NYC on August 1 and I need a kick in the butt to get into the studio.

Why do I need a kick in the butt to work? Well, I broke my foot this month, I was not making art, and I was obsessing about my move back to NY after a glorious year free from teaching in New Mexico. With this challenge, I will make a new watercolor drawing with collage every day and offer it to you my dear friends at an extremely affordable price.

Here is the deal. Each watercolor is 5″ x 7.”  It is a combination of watercolor drawing, collaged linocut animals and/or antique italian cut paper. Each one is handmade and unique, there is no edition. There is only one available. Sounds expensive? Nope, I want to make this available for only $47 and it will stay that way for all 30 pieces. Each night at 6pm EST a new drawing will be available.  So without further ado here is #1, the Elk. Full details on Etsy where it can be purchased.

5" x 7" Elk linocut collaged onto 300 lb. watercolor paper and drawing landscape

5″ x 7″ Elk linocut collaged onto 300 lb. watercolor paper and drawing landscape


Lisa Studier Reduction Woodcut Extravaganza!

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Lisa Studier carving

Lisa Studier carving

Look who is at Stonetrigger Press! Lisa Studier, artist and cohort at Stonetrigger is here from NYC for 10 days to make some of her kick-ass multi-color reduction woodcuts.

After promising her warm weather and a reprieve from the punishing New York cold, she arrived just in time for a nice snow storm and some chilly winds. But that did not stop her from digging in and beginning her reduction woodcut chicken series. Not sure what a reduction print is? Well don’t worry. Lisa will be taking over the blog posts each day this week and showing you her printing progressions.

Lisa Studier's chicken print carving

Lisa Studier’s chicken print carving

Step 1 after putting the drawing on the 12″ x 16″ Shina Plywood from McClains Printmaking Supply, Lisa spent the day carving.

Step 2: will be printing the first color, which she plans to do later today. I am sure she will share that with you.

The cool thing about reduction prints is that you only need one piece of wood or linoleum. The tough thing about it, is that each color needs to be registered perfectly. But I will stop here and let Lisa take over for the next 7 days.

Check out this gorgeous Horned Lizard Woodcut she made here on her last visit. Three of her prints are available on Etsy and once her chickens are done, they will be available but extremely limited, only 3 of each, so watch closely if you want one.

Lisa Studier, Horned Lizard Diptych .

Lisa Studier, Horned Lizard Diptych .

Pregnant Gerbil, Print of the Day, February 4

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Pregnant Gerbil on Olive Green background

Pregnant Gerbil on Olive Green background

Isn’t it cute? A pregnant gerbil on an olive green background. I really don’t know if the gerbil is pregnant, but in the 4th grade when Mrs. Seaver offered her students,  “gerbil couples” to take home, I got mine and soon my two gerbils populated into about 200 in record time.

Pregnant Gerbil now on Etsy, $20 each, just click here.
Each linoleum block print image is 4″ x 6″ printed onto Rives BFK paper 8″ x 10″ in an edition of 10 for only $20.

Full size paper of the Gerbil 10" x 8"

Full size paper of the Gerbil 10″ x 8″

It was very entertaining for a while having all these gerbils. Luckily I always worked, even in 4th grade, so that I could get new aquariums keep my expanding family in. It was really fun at first, then after 100 or so, it was not so fun. But I am still fond of the little critters.

Table of Olive Green Gerbils

Table of Olive Green Gerbils

You will find 10 of these prints available on Stonetrigger Press Etsy along with two pages of additional prints. Each weekend I made a new print, always on 8″ x 10″ Rives BFK, and always ready by 8pm EST.

What will happen on Day 31?

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Thirty prints in thirty days has been an amazing challenge, a huge amount of fun, and a project that just took off. I will stop it now. What is going to happen next?

I have given this a lot of thought. Those thoughts include, “I would really like to have Saturday and Sunday to work on longer projects, drawings, larger prints, or a “play day” out in the snow. I also want to print linoleum blocks onto soft cotton t-shirts and offer t-shirts.

For the month of February the project will look like this:

1. A new print Monday through Friday, still 8″ x 10″ still $20. 5 prints per week instead of 7.
2. No prints, no posts on Saturday and Sunday
3. I will use the weekend to carve larger blocks for t-shirts and offer 1-shirt a week. I will also offer your choice of color on the t-shirt. This will be a different image from the art prints.

See you on Monday!

Please send me your ideas and thoughts. I love hearing them.

Seamore, Print 6 of 30

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In 2002 I was walking out of the “Q” line subway at Canal Street and saw a woman selling quarter size red-eared slider turtles in clear plastic boxes with palm trees, just like the ones my mom bought me 40 years ago. Back then we got the turtles at the Ben Franklin store in Whitehall, MI. The turtles were on a wall with other pets, one most vivid in my memory was a baby alligator. Of all the pets, she never let me get the baby alligator no matter how much I begged. The red-eared sliders never seemed to grow much larger than a quarter before they died, but  this one I was going to do my best to keep alive.

I walked  to my studio, then on Suffolk Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I was grinning ear to ear with my new turtle. I would call him “Seamore” as in the “Sea”, water, and “more”, wanting more of it. It helps having dyslexia to put such names, words and letter together that make perfect sense to me.

I put Seamore in my dearly departed dog’s water dish that I have kept around and filled it with distilled water. For the first year I kept him only in distilled water and hand fed him “turtle pellets.” Seamore grew. In fact today Seamore is 12″ in diameter and lives in a 60 gallon long tank with a basking light and water to swim.

Seamore is wildly friendly. He will follow people around, climb into their laps and ask to to pet. He will climb into the dogs bagel shaped bolster bed with them and hang out. No one believes this until they come over.

Conrad, Homer and Seamore

Conrad, Homer and Seamore

When Conrad was a puppy he was not quite sure what to do with Homer, but he did try to play ball.

Conrad_SeamoreIt seems only fitting that on his 13th birthday, Seamore have a print of his own. I carved the linoblock this afternoon and printed the 4″ x 6″ image on 8″ x 10″ paper. There are 10 prints available on Etsy for $20. 

Seamore, my friendly turtle is currently keeping my friend Lisa company in the Bronx.

The prints do not come matted or framed, but if you framed it, it might look like this:

Framed turtle print
My store on Etsy is titled:


Print 4 of 30 still only $20; Sunday Bonus Print!

30 prints 30 days, Small Print Store


Sunday, after the previous day’s invigorating snowshoe outing at 11,500ft of altitude, I entered the studio with renewed vim and vigor to produce two prints, both of which are Ravens.  One print is a black linocut the other a woodcut, the woodcut is printed in both red and black!

Red Raven Woodcut

Red Raven Woodcut

Both prints are available immediately on Etsy. The black raven linocut, sticking to my promise of only 10 prints and only $20 The “bonus print” a woodblock print that is double printed, first with a red woodblock then a black woodblock is $30. This one is extra because of the additional work both in printing and carving.  You can see the prints drying here, some with just one layer of red, others with both the red and black layer.

Color layer one and two

Color layer one and two

The hand printed block does not come framed, it is only for reference.

Raven Woodcut

Red Raven Woodcut


Black Raven Linocut

Here is a photo  of both the linocut and woodcut being carved.
This is my usual morning of coffee and carving.

Morning coffee and carving

Morning coffee and carving

I love how a big table of drying prints look. Once these are dry, about 2 days, I will sign them and ship them out. Who will be one of the lucky 10 to get one? (If you are thinking, “hey there is way more than 10” You are right, I always print extras and destroy any that have fingerprints, smears, or are too light or dark; quality control.)

Black Ravens drying

Black Ravens drying

Each print is hand printed by the artist, me, Hilary Lorenz in my studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico. For the month of January 1, 2015 I carve and print a new block each day. I will only print 10 and I ship them out after 2-3 days – once the ink dries.

In case you missed the Etsy link to buy one of the 10 prints it is

Red Raven Woodcut in Room

Red Raven Woodcut in Room