Abiquiu Open Studio!

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And I am not there…..My favorite time of the year and the best weekend to travel to Abiquiu, NM for open studio. I love opening my studio to the public and sharing all the work I made over the year. But a workplace accident, a steel painting easel got knocked over and, well, I got impaled by it. Thankfully my good friend Dr. Les sewed me up.  I will be fine, she did a great job. But more importantly.

For open studio my Raven was selected for the cover of the studio tour map, but somehow I do not have any Ravens available in Abiquiu, I have then in NYC. One cannot plan for everything, but I can make you an offer…..


The handprinted linoleum block Raven is 30″ tall and 22″ wide. It is printed on Arches Buff Paper in an edition of 15, I only have a few left, so if you want one, now is the time, free shipping! For more information and to buy one –  Click here to go to my Etsy Store


Finally Finished

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Finally, one month and eight days behind schedule my 30 prints for the “Intermission Portfolio” for Southern Graphics International are done. I am shipping it off this morning.

Falling behind and not being able to complete work has been emotionally difficult for me, which then put me even further behind.  Last year at this time I was in New Mexico cranking out work, enjoying every day in the desert and while my NY teaching schedule is pretty easy compared to most, my new life; new apartment, new neighborhood, new grocery store, new friends, new everything while fun and exciting is also mentally draining and makes studio time tough to focus on.  Getting projects done has been especially difficult. This is something new for me, and frankly I don’t like the feeling. But what I do like is this new printed book and it is finished!


Putting the paper on the cover of Pocket Wilderness

The paper size is 10″ x 21.” It is printed on both sides, then folded in half the long way.

Then after opening, it is folded into threes in the short direction. It is opened up again and split along the middle through the first two panels, then folded into a book.

The cutting took a long long time. I cut all paper pieces by hand. I send out for the stickers and now I want to make more stickers, they are really fun. pocket_wilderness-sticker.jpg

It feels good to get up update here. There are a lot of new things happening. I am about to start a new artist residency on Governors Island located in NY Harbor. I have a closing party for my exhibition at LIU. And I am already looking forward to heading back to New Mexico even though it will not be until July. I think what this is telling me is that I need to just take the leap and move there.

I will be in Portland, March 29 to April 4 for the Souther Graphics  International Conference. I hope to see some of you there.


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After 5 long days the installation at Resnick Gallery at LIU Brooklyn is up. But this is only a teaser, no photos. I was too exhausted and in fact I slept 13 hours last night! Here is the description of the show, Monday you get photos:

Linoleum Block Printed and Cut Paper Installation

Hilary Lorenz translates the physical and visceral experience of hiking remote landscapes into visual imagery that takes the form of prints, drawings and enveloping installations. Grounded in traditions of performance walking, Lorenz’s artwork is shaped by the space she passes through during long-distance runs and mountain climbing. Her drawings and prints function as visual mapping specific to each location: abstract, intuitive time-lines that mark a spatial journey of memory and change. As the artist describes, “When I am carving a linoleum block I relive each step that I walked or ran through a single knife-cut.” Even the act of operating a manual printing press supports her strong passion for simple physical repetition.

For the Resnick Gallery, Lorenz continues to build on her previous artwork most recently shown at Wave Hill Public Gardens and Culture Center (2014) and The Lake George Art Projects (21015).

Lorenz begins each artwork with a hike or trail run through the mountains. She has explored Adirondack State Park’s numerous trails along with the mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, California, Australia, and Cameroon, Africa. Lorenz takes these wildlife explorations and turns them into room-size environment consisting of linoleum block-printed and cut paper that is collaged and layered to form mountain, animals and camp sites. Because the work documents her experiences, the artist is careful to portray only the mountains that she has hiked or climbed. The ink drawn animals serves as a record of Lorenz’s treks and simultaneously evokes a wilderness fantasy with bears, coyotes rabbits and moose. In this way, the artist attempts to represent a longing for solitude, quietness and rural moments in the big, bustling city.



Installation in Progress


I just returned to my cute Adirondack motel room after an 11 hour day of cutting and placing linoleum block prints into an installation, I titled the show “My Own Private Wilderness”. I have 2.5 more days to complete it and I am a bit nervous. Day one is always slow but today seemed extra slow. It is the first time I am building water. I was at a loss on how the land meets the water, but thankfully Lake George is right outside the window, the beautiful mountains in the background giving me a direct reference.


The photos are from my cell phone so not ideal but I will have excellent photos with my good camera soon.  The title of my show refers to my wilderness fantasy. Living in NYC I often feel removed from nature, and I am a person who loves backpacking, loves hiking in the mountains. My ideal would be living in the mountains full-time. But until then I create my own fantasy.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, November 14 at 4pm. The gallery is Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery, Old County Courthouse 1 Amherst Street,  Lake George, New York 12845. Here is a link to the specifics of my show. 

Stay tuned more photos tomorrow.

First Artist’s and Craft’s person Fair!


Spring Octofair flier 2015I am packed with framed prints, unframed prints, journals and my newest cinch bags for Saturday’s fair in Albuquerque at the Octopus and the Fox. 

I am so excited, working my friend Laura, we are going to have a  great set up with her big blue touring school bus. I plan to posts photos to my FB page, as the day goes on.

If you are in ABQ please stop by, if you see anything you want me to save for you in Saturday’s posted photos, just shoot me a FB message.

Yeah! This is going to be so fun.

Mystical Monsters and Maidens Linocut Series

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Cyclops with UFO's Linocut

Cyclops with UFO’s Linocut

That’s not a chicken. Nope, it is not. After a great 10 days with Lisa Studier at the Press working on her reduction technique Chicken Prints, she flew back to NYC, and it is back to Print of the Day Project.



What is new is that I swapped out my 4″ x 6″ linoleum blocks for 5″ x 7″ blocks in order to be able to make more detail and more complex prints. The great thing is, while the prints are larger they are only a couple of dollars more. I want to keep them very inexpensive so that people can feel free to collect as many as they like.

Cyclops with UFO and Mermaid 10" x 8" linocuts

Cyclops with UFO and Mermaid 10″ x 8″ linocuts

I did a three mock ups of rooms with this new series of Monsters and Maidens.

Mermaid Linocut by Stonetrigger Press available on Etsy

Mermaid Linocut by Stonetrigger Press available on Etsy

Cyclops with UFO's  Linocut by Stonetrigger Press available on Etsy

Cyclops with UFO’s Linocut by Stonetrigger Press available on Etsy

There are now 59 prints and drawings available on my Etsy store. and by the end of the week I plan to make that 62 items. More mythical monsters tomorrow night.

Pisces Linocut, it is almost your birthday!

30 prints 30 days, Prints, Small Print Store
Pisces Linocut 10" x 8"

Pisces Linocut 10″ x 8″

Now on Etsy for $20, just click here, there are 10 available.

It is almost your birthday time, Pisces. Do you or a friend have a birthday between February 20 and March 20th? This would make a great gift. This linocut of the Pisces two fish, swimming, each have a chine colle, a collage while printing, of antique Italian printed paper, one is red and one blue.

Print comes unmatted and unframed, picture of framed work is only an example. Image is 4″ x 6″ printed onto Rived BFK paper, 10″ x 8″.

This print is the forth print completed in February as part of my print a day project.

Each print is hand printed by the artist, me, Hilary Lorenz in my studio in New Mexico. Each morning I carve a new animal into my linoleum and print an edition of 10 and by 6pm MT, I put them on Etsy. 

Pregnant Gerbil, Print of the Day, February 4

30 prints 30 days, Prints, Small Print Store
Pregnant Gerbil on Olive Green background

Pregnant Gerbil on Olive Green background

Isn’t it cute? A pregnant gerbil on an olive green background. I really don’t know if the gerbil is pregnant, but in the 4th grade when Mrs. Seaver offered her students,  “gerbil couples” to take home, I got mine and soon my two gerbils populated into about 200 in record time.

Pregnant Gerbil now on Etsy, $20 each, just click here.
Each linoleum block print image is 4″ x 6″ printed onto Rives BFK paper 8″ x 10″ in an edition of 10 for only $20.

Full size paper of the Gerbil 10" x 8"

Full size paper of the Gerbil 10″ x 8″

It was very entertaining for a while having all these gerbils. Luckily I always worked, even in 4th grade, so that I could get new aquariums keep my expanding family in. It was really fun at first, then after 100 or so, it was not so fun. But I am still fond of the little critters.

Table of Olive Green Gerbils

Table of Olive Green Gerbils

You will find 10 of these prints available on Stonetrigger Press Etsy along with two pages of additional prints. Each weekend I made a new print, always on 8″ x 10″ Rives BFK, and always ready by 8pm EST.

Day 29, print 29, Panda Linocut

30 prints 30 days, Prints, Small Print Store


It is Pandaemonium! Now on Etsy, An 8″ x 10″ linocut in an edition of 10. The image size is 5″ x 7″ a little bigger than my usual 4″ x 6″ because I wanted to get a lot of Panda details.

Check out this whole table of panda’s. You probably know that panda’s are from China, but did you know that they grow as large as 250 pounds and eat bamboo almost exclusively? I wonder if that could happen to me, if I ate enough kale?
table_of_panda_linocutsIn planning the future of these daily prints, I did a little printing experiment. What do you think?

Linocut Printed T-shirt

Linocut Printed T-shirt

I am thinking a small line of t-shirts might be very interesting. Let me know.

The Royal Elephant, print #26 of 30.

30 prints 30 days, Prints, Small Print Store
spirit animal,


I want the elephant to be my spirit animal! They walk almost noiselessly, with exceptionally graceful and rhythmic striding, unlike me as I lumber away in my running. Elephants communicate telepathically with herd members as well as other elephants. Whoa, I want to communicate telepathically. Can you hear what I am communication right now? I didn’t think so but it was worth a try.



This is a good looking elephant and there are 10 waiting on Etsy for you.

Elephant  fun fact:
Elephants have 4 teeth, all molars.
Elephant tusks point backwards. They use them as weapons and for digging edible roots.
Elephants have emotions that are comparable to human – love, joy, jealousy, rage.
As well as being the largest land animals, they are also among the longest lived, with life spans of 60+ years.


To bring us up to date on the 30prints is 30 days, this is number 26. All are printed onto 8″ x 10″ paper in an edition of 10 and only $20.  They are released daily and available on Etsy.

30 prints in 30 days

30 prints in 30 days