My Own Wilderness Fantasy

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After 40 hours of pasting cut paper onto the wall, one year of carving linoleum, printing it and cutting it into pieces, all of which were preceded by 100’s of miles of  mountains hiking and trail running in northern New York, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Tasmania and Cameroon the exhibition it up at Lake George Courthouse Gallery, Lake George, NY. 

18_Hilary_Lorenz_Lake_George_Printmaking_InstallationEach cut paper installation I do, is build from previous hikes or trail runs from around the world. After running to the top of a particular mountain, I carve it. This keeps me fit, happy, traveling and constantly creating new work. On Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015, my exhibition opened to a great crowd. 
Carving animals that are unique to the region, I spent several days with my dogs in the gallery preparing for the opening on November 14, 2015. I could not have asked for a better reception. Friends drove or took the Amtrak the 200 miles from NYC, others drove 1-2 hours  across the Adirondacks to get there. I was thrilled to see my number one hiking partner and good friend, ADK Nancy, pictured here with me, who made an almost 2 hour drive. We met in a lean-to on a backpack adventure.
Adirondack_Nancy_Hilary_Lorenz.jpgLisa, Amy and Sally all drove up from NYC, and while it is 200 miles, depending on the weather, it can take up to 6 hours to get there, real dedication.  Anyhow, they really made my night along with my family who sent flowers and all those who were at the reception including the press which is always exciting.29_Hilary_Lorenz_Lake_George_Printmaking_InstallationOne year ago I had the great opportunity to make work for Wave Hill Public Garden and Culture Center , so to follow it up one year later adding water,  boats, and new animals and mountains to the mix was a fantastic opportunity. Okay, this clown is Conrad, he is not an official animal in the exhibition.9_Hilary_Lorenz_Lake_George_Printmaking_InstallationI am back in Brooklyn teaching this week, but after next Monday’s class, I will pack up the dogs, and head to Sally’s cabin for Thanksgiving Week with plans to be at the Gallery Saturday November 28. so stop on by if you are in the neighborhood or say, 200 miles!

If you want to see more photos, they will be on FB at

Original Watercolor Collage, 7″ x 5″ Dancing Bear

Original Watercolor, 5

Original Watercolor, 5″ x 7″ with Collage – Click to Purchase

This could be my favorite after the canoe. It is a weird and whacky dancing bear with a big coyote looking on from the side.

The bear is a linoleum block print that is cut out and collaged onto 300 pound Arches Watercolor Paper. The coyote is a digital archival print that I had made for my image transfers onto journals, but instead he made it into this artwork.  The yellow-ish tan paper with red lines is at the bottom is  vintage Italian  paper. The brown paper with black lines is linoleum printed cut up and collages. I then hand drawn watercolor with my favorite Schmincke super high quality natural gums, water-soluble  pigments.

Artwork comes unframed, this is only for reference.

Artwork comes unframed, this is only for reference.

This is what he would look like in a standard black wood frame. I think this is my favorite as it brings out the black of the bear.  But I also have an example in white. Frames are not included they are only for reference.

frame is only for reference

frame is only for reference

I like the white white frame. The dancing bear would look super cute in a paneled study, a kids room, a country house, cabin or urban chic apartment. It is perfect  for a wall that demands a smaller size artwork, image 7″ x 5″ displayed in a 12″ x 9″ frame. He is now available on my Etsy Store by clicking here.

Completely out of Printmaking Paper, Now what?

Prints, stonetrigger press
Pigment dyed hand printed backpack

Pigment dyed hand printed backpack

I use my weekends to rest from my intensive printing, I have pulled more than 650 prints since January 1 with 60 new carved linoleum blocks. I use the time to run, attempt to be social, I say attempt so that I don’t have to hold myself accountable to actually being in  public, draw and come up with new ideas. Since I have also exhausted my entire paper supply, it is a good time to come up with new ideas. Should I buy more paper OR perhaps heavy duty cinch bags?

I did some mock-up’s today with the coyote and really like them. I love these bags. They are 100% cotton, pigment dyed, heavy cotton webbed straps, a zippered front pocket, 14.5″ wide by 17.5″ tall, 9 different colors. They are really strong, great for books and big enough for picking up groceries, and of course CUTE!

Nine colors of Stonetrigger Press hand printed bags.

Nine colors of Stonetrigger Press hand printed bags.

I mocked them up with Stonetrigger Press Abiquiu, NM printed under the coyote, but in linocut I can’t print text. I don’t want to go to silkscreen because everyone silkscreens. I want to keep these one at a time linocut printed.  I will work out whether or not I have the press name, and it is possible I print it separate or get a woodblock laser cut to print it. Now there is another good idea.

So if you had a bag what color would you want?