Drawings Shipped to Framer, Lean-to close to done.

8' x 6' Ink drawing of Lean-to by Hilary Lorenz

8′ x 6′ Ink drawing of Lean-to by Hilary Lorenz

My lean-to ink drawing is  on it’s way to completion. This will be going into my exhibition at Wave Hill in October. It is big, about 8 feet long and I hope to have it done in the next couple of days. On Friday I shipped all 19 drawings (the of which are already sold!)  to the framer. I have the best framing in the world, Rabbet Art Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ. Dot, always takes great care of my artwork. I went to a few framers in Santa Fe,  but I decided to keep loyal to Rabbet. I am completely confident that they will frame it and have it waiting for me at the Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs when I get there on October 2. 

I had the chance to hike and run last weekend. A friend and I went to Chicoma Mountain, highest peak in the Jemez Mountains, no trail and a 26 mile forest road to drive in on  made it a great adventure. The highlight of the day was seeing an Elk. Funny thing is, the prior week an Elk was my spirit animal.  The day before the hike I went on a run along the Rio Grande Gorge from Pillar to the Taos Bridge, stopped 3 miles short of the bridge. I ended with 16 miles, but it was a rough run. It should have been easy but with all the direct sunlight it was  just too hot for me.  

Today everything is bright and beautiful here in Abiquiu, NM, three more weeks and I start my drive east for all these shows. Until then, you will find me in my studio. 

StoneTrigger Press Hilary Lorenz

StoneTrigger Press
Hilary Lorenz

August 18 Spirit Animal

Elk Spirit Animal

Elk Spirit Animal

I had a great weekend of running up Wheeler Peak in Northern New Mexico, a 16 mile round trip  from 9400 ft of altitude to 13,100.’ After being pelted with  hail, sleeting rain, freezing winds and having to outrun thunder and lightning, I took my Monday morning aching quads to the printshop.

Fitting of yesterday’s run the Elk is my spirit animal of the week. The elk is associated with nobility, perseverance, endurance, relationships with others, stamina, strength, agility and pacing. I used all of these traits in yesterday’s run and called them up again this  morning to draw, carve and hand  print this weeks Spirit Animal Edition. I do this one day a week, each week, usually on Monday. Check back often as you animal may just show up next!

To read more about the Elk Spirit Animal and or to purchase one of these $40 prints, just click here.

There may be a peacock or two left from last week. I will add one animal a week to this collection.