Updates and Important Information

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For those of you that frequent my Etsy Store. I will close the shop from June 29 to July 15 while I am traveling.. Before I go I am offering Summer20 coupon, a 20% discount on all orders over $40 from today until June 28th. All orders will ship by 29th.  Just type in “Summer20.”

Also, Mr. C, Conrad has his own benefit print. After making 16 vet visits in 4 weeks, the always smiling Conrad got his own 7″ x 5″ print, a super deal at only $10 to help offset the cost of his bandage changes. Surprise a friend and make them smile with a smiling Labrador in a cone hand printed linocut. All details are on my Etsy Stonetrigger Press Page.

My four month Governors Island  residency is coming to a close. As part of my participation in Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Process Space artist residency program, I’m pleased to invite you to learn more about my latest project “Migration” a series of linocut printed and hand colored birds at LMCC’s Governors Island Open Studios. This is a preview for a later and 10x larger more sophisticated installation at Brooklyn Bridge Park, in October.  Open Studio is free and open to all on June 25th from 1 to 4pm only. Click here  for FB invite. 

There is an hourly ferry from Manhattan and one from Pier 6 in Brooklyn. Plan ahead it will be crowded on the ferry!!!!!  https://govisland.com/info/ferry

Lastly I will leave for my studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico on June 29th and stay until July 29th. From there I will drive to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a three week artist residency at the C-Scape Beach Shack on the National Seashore.   and return to NYC on September 1.

Sold-Day 2, Thirty Day Watercolor Challenge, The Raven

7" x 5" Raven Click to purchase

7″ x 5″ Raven Click to purchase

Day two of the 30 day watercolor collage challenge is a Raven. You may remember the linocut raven from the 30 day linocut challenge in January. This is the same raven, cut out and collaged onto 300 pound arches watercolor paper. I then used watercolor to create the landscape and added two “bushes” by collaging hand cut antique Italian paper. There is a lot of great detail.


Here is the deal. There is one artwork a day. Each watercolor is 5″ x 7.”  It is a combination of watercolor drawing, collaged linocut and/or antique italian cut paper. Each one is handmade and unique, there is no edition. There is only one available. Sounds expensive? Nope, I want to make this available for only $47 and it will stay that way for all 30 pieces. The expensive ones will be in my Fall Solo Exhibition in New York. For the month of July each night at 6pm EST a unique new drawing will be available.You can purchase it on Etsy where there are full details. Frame not included.

Raven_on_Wall_RedI had a blast making this raven. Right now they are everywhere around me. I love watching them soar through the sky over the studio and into the mountains.

Ladybug, Print 16 of 30, each $20

30 prints 30 days, Prints, Small Print Store
Ladybug limited edition linoleum block print

Ladybug limited edition linoleum block print

Ladybug fun facts:
1. Ladybug larvae resemble tiny alligators.
2. Ladybugs bleed from their knees when threatened,
3. A ladybug’s bright colors warn predators to stay away?
Weird isn’t it? Well not the bright color warning.

Ladybug linocut print

Ladybug linocut print

But these cute and bright ladybugs will not scare anyone away.
January Project of 30 prints in 30 days, each one for $20. Ladybug is now available on my Etsy store.

Each image is 4″ x 6″ printed onto 8″ x 10″ Rived BFK paper in an edition of 10.

Table of ladybugs

Table of ladybugs

Today’s bonus print also on Etsy is a 4″ x 6″ image of a red peacock, printed onto 6″ x 10″ paper. Here is a photo of them drying where I just happen to catch my shadow on the stone studio wall.

Drying Red Peacocks

Drying Red Peacocks

Free Shipping now through Monday!


Type in “Freeshipping” and get free shipping on any 2 prints or $40 spent at StoneTriggerPress Etsy store now through Monday. This is only good for 5 days, in celebration of the half way point of 30 prints in 30 days.

Tonight at 8pm EST, a new print will be posted right here, along with an extra bonus print! Stay tuned


Updates on shipping, packaging and a little preview


Am I really almost half way there? In the first 12 days, so much has happened. Those of you receiving prints this week will receive them in my new rigid self-sealing mailers. On the inside sandwiched between two pieces of chip board with a Stonetrigger Press sticker on the front you will find a crystalclear brand glassine print holder. I am now printing out all my labels directly from Etsy via the USPS. We are growing up fast here at Stonetrigger Press; it is not really  “we” unless you include Conrad and Homer who are not helpful. I am looking at other ways to streamline my mailing because I have 10-15 orders to send out each day before I start carving my blocks. I love packing up stuff so you will continue to see changes. Also feel free to make suggestions! I am strongly considering extending this to 90 days so I need to become the queen of efficiency.

Many people order a few times during the week. I do not want you to pay multiple shipping charges. I can do 1 of 2 things. You can email me prints that you want and I will put a “reserve” on Etsy for you. We can add to that “reserve” listing, then settle up at the end of the week or every two weeks. I can also hold your order and when you order more refund the shipping cost. It makes sense to just send the whole package priority, a whole pound of prints can fit. Until I figure out a better solution I think the reserve will work best.

Ideally I will ship the day after the order, but often time prints need to dry 3 days, then ship on the 4th day. I listed on Etsy that I would mail them 1-3 business days, but I just changed that to 3-5 days. Most likely I will still send them within 1-3 business days. I know I like to get the things I order immediately!

Your preview for tonight, is the title, “The Lizard King.”