Lisa Studier Reduction Woodcut Extravaganza!

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Lisa Studier carving

Lisa Studier carving

Look who is at Stonetrigger Press! Lisa Studier, artist and cohort at Stonetrigger is here from NYC for 10 days to make some of her kick-ass multi-color reduction woodcuts.

After promising her warm weather and a reprieve from the punishing New York cold, she arrived just in time for a nice snow storm and some chilly winds. But that did not stop her from digging in and beginning her reduction woodcut chicken series. Not sure what a reduction print is? Well don’t worry. Lisa will be taking over the blog posts each day this week and showing you her printing progressions.

Lisa Studier's chicken print carving

Lisa Studier’s chicken print carving

Step 1 after putting the drawing on the 12″ x 16″ Shina Plywood from McClains Printmaking Supply, Lisa spent the day carving.

Step 2: will be printing the first color, which she plans to do later today. I am sure she will share that with you.

The cool thing about reduction prints is that you only need one piece of wood or linoleum. The tough thing about it, is that each color needs to be registered perfectly. But I will stop here and let Lisa take over for the next 7 days.

Check out this gorgeous Horned Lizard Woodcut she made here on her last visit. Three of her prints are available on Etsy and once her chickens are done, they will be available but extremely limited, only 3 of each, so watch closely if you want one.

Lisa Studier, Horned Lizard Diptych .

Lisa Studier, Horned Lizard Diptych .

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