Finally Finished

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Finally, one month and eight days behind schedule my 30 prints for the “Intermission Portfolio” for Southern Graphics International are done. I am shipping it off this morning.

Falling behind and not being able to complete work has been emotionally difficult for me, which then put me even further behind.  Last year at this time I was in New Mexico cranking out work, enjoying every day in the desert and while my NY teaching schedule is pretty easy compared to most, my new life; new apartment, new neighborhood, new grocery store, new friends, new everything while fun and exciting is also mentally draining and makes studio time tough to focus on.  Getting projects done has been especially difficult. This is something new for me, and frankly I don’t like the feeling. But what I do like is this new printed book and it is finished!


Putting the paper on the cover of Pocket Wilderness

The paper size is 10″ x 21.” It is printed on both sides, then folded in half the long way.

Then after opening, it is folded into threes in the short direction. It is opened up again and split along the middle through the first two panels, then folded into a book.

The cutting took a long long time. I cut all paper pieces by hand. I send out for the stickers and now I want to make more stickers, they are really fun. pocket_wilderness-sticker.jpg

It feels good to get up update here. There are a lot of new things happening. I am about to start a new artist residency on Governors Island located in NY Harbor. I have a closing party for my exhibition at LIU. And I am already looking forward to heading back to New Mexico even though it will not be until July. I think what this is telling me is that I need to just take the leap and move there.

I will be in Portland, March 29 to April 4 for the Souther Graphics  International Conference. I hope to see some of you there.

Last Print of the Year


pegasusThis is my last print of 2014. It is a 12″ round double sided print for the exchange portfolio titled Vinyl to be shown at Southern Graphics International Conference in Knoxville, TN come March.

From_VictroliaThe subject of the portfolio with 27 artists, celebrates vinyl records. Knoxville is a great music city inside of a great music state of TN. Artists pulled from some of the music history of Knoxville or their personal relationship with vinyl. Mine, well, let’s just say I took a lot of leeway. But the title, “From my Victrola” is the real deal. I spent my childhood in my grandmothers second floor bedroom listening to 78’s on her Victrola while dressing up in 1930’s clothes. What does that have to do with this? Well who knows but it informed my relationship to music.
VictroliaFor the rest of 2014 I will be glueing this round black paper circle that was printed with the Pegasus wings onto the back of the paper. It will then be complete and shipped out.

Happy New Year!

P.S. None of these prints are available, however beginning January 1, I am launching 30 prints in 30 days, where I will carve and print a new piece each day and sell from for only $20. Stay tuned.

Printmaking Center of New Jersey Exhibition Opening


hilary_lorenz_install2With my exhibition open in Kansas, three pieces sold, 17 framed pieces available at the Gallery at Pioneer Bluff, until December 14,  I moved on to New Jersey to install that piece.

I spent all day with my friend John Shorb helping me at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey, cutting, pasting and tacking up 100’s of linoblock printed papers.
pcnj_install3We had a great time but were really tired in the end. John was amazing to work with. The exhibition is curated by Sheila Goloborotko and included artists, Jen Blazina, Richard Hricko, Elizabeth Mackie, Jill Parisi, Hester Stinnett and of course me. I especially love Jill Parisi’s work, we met recently at the Southern Graphics International Conference and I am so happy to be in a show with her. Here is a pic of me deciding what the heck piece goes where. It is all done on site. 

hilary_Lorenz_installThe reception is Saturday, October 18 from 1-4pm and the gallery is located at 440 River Rd, Branchburg, NJ 08876, (908) 725-2110. It will be up until December 7, but please try to stop by the reception and say “hi.”