Day 29, print 29, Panda Linocut

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It is Pandaemonium! Now on Etsy, An 8″ x 10″ linocut in an edition of 10. The image size is 5″ x 7″ a little bigger than my usual 4″ x 6″ because I wanted to get a lot of Panda details.

Check out this whole table of panda’s. You probably know that panda’s are from China, but did you know that they grow as large as 250 pounds and eat bamboo almost exclusively? I wonder if that could happen to me, if I ate enough kale?
table_of_panda_linocutsIn planning the future of these daily prints, I did a little printing experiment. What do you think?

Linocut Printed T-shirt

Linocut Printed T-shirt

I am thinking a small line of t-shirts might be very interesting. Let me know.

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