Last few days of August


It is the 28th of August and I have 19 watercolor drawing collages complete. I just finished  two today. 
My spirit animal of the week is a red lizard. Very appropriate. I see dozens of lizards every day in New Mexico’s high desert. Curiously, the lizard helps us see the importance of respecting and remembering our dreams. I am not sure how I feel about that given the dreams I had this week. Lizards also aid us in becoming more detached from situations in your life. This I certainly need as I have had three months of crushing grief from the co-op board of my NYC apartment. As I finished the lizard drawing today, the crying house, the lizard losing it tail, I had to laugh at the simplicity of it all. This Lizard is said to be telling me to move on and quit being attached to what has been. Lizard is proposing immediate change in one or more areas of my life. So,  that must mean only one thing. I have an apartment for sale! So long Rivington Street and Lower East Side and good riddance to the noise and the sad souls of the building, though the good souls I will miss!  This someone has something far more wonderful happening and a big bright wonderful world to step out into! Just follow the lizard! Who can resist a red lizard that just shed it’s tail?
You can read more about Lizard Spirits here: