Printmaking Workshops, Next One August 30.


To give my studio life a bit of variety and to make a bit of cash, I have been teaching one day printmaking workshops. I started these in my home in NYC, where 2-3 people come over, and I teach them to draw, carve and print an edition. It has been a blast. Now I am offering one day workshops in my very own Abiquiu, NM printmaking studio. Just $100 for the day, plus $25 for materials and each person walks out with an edition of at least 10 prints. Prior to the workshop each person will receive a 34 page booklet of helpful tips. No matter what the person’s experience is, it always take just about 6 hours. So if you want to join us on Saturday August 30, confirm with me now, as I limit it to 5 people. If you and a friend want to come another day, just let me know. The very last day I can offer a workshop before I leave for my exhibitions is Friday September 26th. So get yours now!



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