July 18, 2022 Starts On-line Chapbook Workshop!


Now is your chance to take a 4 day chapbook workshop with me! This class is taught on-line meeting at 6:30-8:30 EST, Monday July 18, Thursday July 21, Monday July 25 and Thursday July 28. 

Folded, Stitched and Glued is a hand-on analog class where you can learn multiple methods of creating chapbooks. You will learn the steps and tools to plan, design, and construct a different form of chapbook each week. You will learn book anatomy, paper selection, sewing, folding, and gluing. 

This class is grounded in practice and experimentation. You have the opportunity to try different forms of the chapbook to see how they may influence your writing or artmaking. The class is dedicated to learning techniques and materials so that you can explore what is possible. We will make multiple forms of the same book using different paper or sizes, and you can then add your own unique ideas. 

Each week we make a new book structure, with several variations. At the end of class I will give you a descriptive prompt to follow in your practice during the week. Use the prompt to come up with your own ideas.

This class is offered through The Shipman Agency a literary services to writers at all stages of their careers. The Shipman Agency Mission: to provide clients, venues, emerging writers + students with the best possible experience, and to represent authors who are on the cutting edge of contemporary thinking about culture and the world.

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A Radical Change

Drawing, Prints, stonetrigger press

Red Hook
At the beginning of August I drove the 2100 miles back to NYC leaving behind my beautiful studio and embracing the big unknown. I had sold my apartment and was coming back to find a rental. I knew I wanted to live in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, an “industrial seaside town” as a friend calls it. Ideally I would find a place large enough to work in and still be affordable, by NYC standards that is. What I found was a home that makes me so happy, each day when I wake up I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest I love it so much.  I have huge windows, 1200 square feet, two floors and two bathrooms. It is really unbelievable to me.  I set up my work tables in front of the windows where I can see the expansive skyline.
I started working on a couple drawings. Of course I had a small coyote to add to this 7″ x 5″  collage.
Mostly I have been working on a moose print, 20″ x 15″ with a rainbow roll, and stencil. It is part of a portfolio project titled Western Communities, a collection of artist who live in the west.  I do not have a photo of the block or finished piece, just some of the process. I am also working on a custom print for my friend Kat in Cleveland.
moose_rainbow ink
When I am not working in the studio, I am walking miles each day with my dogs. We walk at least 4 hours a day, 2.5 in the morning and 1.5 at night, just exploring everywhere around our new home. Here are a few photos of our neighborhood discoveries.
Red_hook red_hook2 red_hook3
I miss New Mexico but I am so happy with this change. I love change. I had sold all my furniture and had very little beyond my books. I am enjoying the process of recreating my life in Brooklyn….that is until next summer when I return to NM. You can expect all new projects, and all new artwork with new influences, my guess would be a lot of water.