June Studio News

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Detail of 24" x 18" Moose Linocut

Detail of 24″ x 18″ Moose Linocut

Finally after more than a month of carving it looks like the moose linocut is ready for a trial printing. I would love to get this baby on the press but I have one problem, I am not suppose to put any weight, at all, on my foot. Two weeks ago today I broke my foot in a race, and, boy has that made life a little less exciting. But fear not, even if I can’t print I can still carve, collage, and paint. In fact I just finished the “Narwhal World” today. I don’t know if I will keep that title but that is what I am currently calling it.

Narwhal World 14" x 11"

Narwhal World 14″ x 11″ watercolor and linocut printed collage

I also went to FedEx and shipped four pieces to the Lake George Art Projects for the exhibition, Art@the Lake. If you are in upstate New York from July 1 through July 27th, come and see the exhibition. It also serves as the annual gallery benefit with over 70 artists. This is going to be a terrific and I am sure you can find some great art to take home.

Lastly, I am making a new personal 30 day challenge of a watercolor/ print collage a day, details on the project will follow in a couple days.

24" x 18" Moose Linocut

24″ x 18″ Moose Linocut

My Favorite Print Ever! “Narwhal” Print of the Day Project #40

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Narwhal, 10" x 8" linocut available on Stonetrigger Press Etsy.

Narwhal, 10″ x 8″ linocut available on Stonetrigger Press Etsy $20.

It is a whale? Is it a unicorn? Did a unicorn mate with a whale?  It is a narwhal, over 80,000 of them live in arctic waters. The males boasts a long tusk, which is actually a tooth, they sometimes have two tusks. The tusks have over 10 million nerve cells and can be 10 feet long. These are clearly sensitive creatures!

This is print number 40! It is hard to believe, 40 prints since January 1, and it is only February 17! This, is my favorite of all the prints. It is a reduction linocut. The first layer is printed with a rainbow roll of color, then part of the block get cut away and the narwhal appears. It is then printed a second time in the press, same sheet of paper. In fact I like this print so much, I am going to being a small artist book with a story about the narwhal. Are there any writers out there who may want to collaborate?

Narwhal linocut

Narwhal linocut

Check out my Facebook page to see 9 steps of the printing process. It is pretty cool and a bit elaborate.

Each print is hand printed by the artist, me, Hilary Lorenz in my studio, StoneTrigger Press in New Mexico. Every Monday through Friday I carve and print in an edition of 10 a new linocut and post it here for $20. It is my Print of the Day Project and available on Etsy.

Narwhal linocut block

Narwhal linocut block