Day 4, 30 paintings in 30 days

30 paintings in 30 days

One of a Kind Watercolor available on my Etsy Store

Day 4 – January 4, 30 paintings in 30 days Challenge. Red Flowers

This is an original watercolor painting of red flowers, outlines in deep magenta and dotted with white. Yellow dots decorate the outside of the pedals as they float into opaque orange borders. In the month of January 2016 I will make one watercolor a day and offer to my Etsy collectors at night. Here are the details:


Small detail of painting

Size: 5″ x 7″
Paper: Arches Cold Press 300 gram watercolor paper
Watercolor: Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Watercolor
Date made: January 4, 2016
Original watercolor, only 1 made

Why so inexpensive? Because I want to make my work available to all to enjoy and this is a special project of making one new watercolor a day. I want each piece to find a new home at the end of each night.



Does not come framed. Frame is for example only.

For more details just head over to my Etsy Store. 

See you tomorrow.



Four minute video of Cool Printed Bag

Prints, Small Print Store

I am very excited to share the latest addition to my Etsy Store, a demonstration of the cinch bags and how they are printed. You can even custom order your bag color and what linocut you want on it!

The first bags hot off the press:

Cinch Bags, Coffee, Pink, Khaki, Red and Tan

Cinch Bags, Coffee, Pink, Khaki, Red and Tan

Khaki  Cinch bag with Feral Kitty  Linocut

Khaki Cinch bag with Feral Kitty Linocut


Coffee Cinch bag with coyote

Red Cinch bag with Coyote Linocut

Red Cinch bag with Coyote Linocut

Tan Cinch bag with Coyote Linocut

Tan Cinch bag with Coyote Linocut

My Daily Print Project

30 prints 30 days, Prints, Small Print Store, stonetrigger press

We are now in the middle of March and I have printed and posted 69 items to my Etsy Store, some of which are now sold out. This all started as an experiment to make one print a day, open up an Etsy store to sell inexpensive high quality hand printed linocuts. These prints  reach a far wider audience and collector base  than the larger and more expensive projects that are made for gallery and museum exhibitions. And quit frankly it has been far more gratifying because of my direct interaction with people. Well, my virtual interaction with people, but never the less, it is far more engaging. In the two and a half months, I had 163 transactions on Etsy, with most people buying multiple prints, some even bought the whole first month’s 30 day set. There were just over 250 prints sold.  Of course I would love to double, triple, even quadruple that.

Starting this project is making a tremendous difference in ability to also work on larger pieces and to become self-sustaining. That is my real goal. You see I have lived in NYC for the past 21 yeas, teaching at Long Island University in Brooklyn and coming to Abiquiu, NM in my summers. I bought my NM house in 2010 and built the printmaking studio. It is my goal, to create a solid business where I can move out to NM permanently. So, every time you buy a print, not only are you getting a really great new original hand signed and dated artwork, you are helping me create the dream of living a simple life of making art, walking my dogs, running in the mountains, and enjoying the quiet beauty of New Mexico. Today I put three new prints to my Etsy Store. The super awesome bat, a beaver which I printed over the summer and a fox. If you like my FB page, and follow my blog you will get all the Etsy updates as well as my larger exhibition updates.

Right now my drawings prints and journals can be found at The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs, KS, The Fuller Art Center, Los Alamos, NM, The Printmaking Center of NJ, and this summer it will be at  Lake George Arts Project’s summer exhibition Art @ The Lake, NY which will be followed by a Solo Exhibition in November.  And of course at my studio in NM,(until August 1) and on Etsy. Yes, it is an exciting time and I am always looking for new venues, recommendations, collaborations so please keep me in mind and please recommend my store to your friends. I really do appreciate it.