Day 6, Watercolor 5

30 paintings in 30 days, Uncategorized


This is a lot of water and a little color. This is a weird drawing for me, but when you make a drawing every day, there are good ones, bad ones, regular ones, new ones,  strange ones. I think this falls along the strange catalogy, very washy, very watery.

I was walking the dogs along the piers of NY Harbor. It was below freezing, 19 degrees and the water looked amazing. It was night,  so the water was very dark with just a couple of boats. So I was thinking of last’s night’s dog walk as I did this.


I still have one drawing to catch up which I will be doing tonight. I am waiting until Thursday after 1pm to put them on Etsy. This way I can stay off the computer and just enjoy drawing.

See you tomorrow

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