Day 3, 30 day painting challenge

30 paintings in 30 days, stonetrigger press



Magic Kingdom available on my Stonetrigger Press Etsy Store. 

What a day! After a wonderful morning with friends playing with our dogs in the park, going to Chinatown for dim sum and stopping into my favorite massage place, our bellies are full, our knots kneaded out, and our hearts full from laughing. I then came home and quickly knew I am in a magic place ready to paint my ideal hiking spot.

I would start in the lower right hand corner by my signature, walk the ridge of green until it ended. I would then traverse over to the white notch just above there and climb that ridge line up into the craggy rocks of the first peak. After having a lunch break on the peak I would continue across to the right, to the lower portion of the darkest green of the middle crag and climb up to the top. From there I would spend the afternoon watching the water until the sun set.


I think to think about climbing around in my drawings. I often do that when I am making them. But it is now late in the day and the dogs have to go back out, so I will keep this brief.

Yesterday’s drawing is already sold, but this one is available on my Etsy Store for $20, to whomever get’s there first.

I will see you back here tomorrow with another new piece.


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