Sold-Original Watercolor Drawing with Collage, Seamore, The Red Eared Slider

Original Watercolor, 5

Original Watercolor, 5″ x 7″ with Collage – Click to Purchase

He is back, Seamore the Red Eared Slider, but this time better than ever in an original watercolor drawing. Seamore is a linoleum block print that is cut out and collaged onto 300 pound Arches Watercolor Paper. I then layer up hand drawn watercolor with my favorite Schmincke super high quality natural gums, water-soluble resins, and pigments. On the right are two stripes of vintage Italian hand printed paper. He is gorgeous!


White Frame Not included with artwork

This is what he would look like in a standard white wood frame. I think this is my favorite. But I also have an example in black. Frames are not included they are only for reference.

Black Frame  Not included with artwork

Black Frame Not included with artwork

This is all part of my July 30 day watercolor challenge and it is a a fun challenge. It is exciting to have the pressure of getting each one made and working in such volume forces me to take some risks, and risk in art is always good! As usual this is available at my Stonetrigger Press Etsy Store.

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