Horse of Course, Print 5 out of 30

30 prints 30 days, Small Print Store

horse_framedIs this really only day 5 of 30? I am working my tail off and I am just getting started!  I was up past midnight packaging up prints, at the post office bright and early, then back home carving and printing so that I have time run before  4pm when it begins to get dark.

I am very excited to present you with a horse. Make fun of me all you want but today, according to Astrologer Susan Blair Hunt of Santa Fe, my spirit animal of the week is a Horse. What is the significance of a horse you ask? You can read all about it at Shamanismjourney, but the part that most resonates with me is, “People with Horse as power animal are fiercely independent and have little tolerance for anything or anyone that limits their free expression. They give us the safety of speed and the promise of adventure.”  So this week I am embracing my inner horse.

Horse Spirit Animal

Horse Spirit Animal

I always jokes that I was a horse in a former life, or perhaps a pack mule, as I can be incredibly stubborn with endless perseverance, especially when it comes to physical demand.

Today you get a horse for your 4″ x 6″ image printed onto 8″ x 10″ paper. In the edition of 10, you can get it at Etsy, It is only day 5, of my 30 prints in 30 days project, 25 more to go!

Also for those of you ordering multiple prints, please send me a message so that I can adjust the postage before you purchase. You do not need to add it in twice!

The Etsy Link again is:

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