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I am writing from North Creek, NY in Adirondack State Park. I am staying at a lovely cabin and meeting my friend Nancy for some hiking and skiing over the next three days. Above is Moxham Mountain. It is a short hike, a little over 5 miles, but known for it’s amazing views. Covered in snow, it will be spectacular. Tomorrow morning Conrad, Homer and I will meet Nancy for our first hike.

But hiking is not why I am writing. I am writing to let you know about a printmaking workshop I am teaching at the Education Alliance on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Right now the class has two people signed up, but we need four to run it. It is Sunday January 15th.


In just four hours from 1pm to 5pm you will create an image, transfer it onto a 5″ x 7″ linoleum block, carve it, and print. Valentine’s Day is coming up. What is better than a handmade Valentine for the lovely people in your life?

This is my first time teaching at the Education Alliance,  I really want the class to run. It is $100 and includes all materials, plus you get to keep the carving tool!  You will leave  the class with 10-15 completed prints!

So do not delay and sign up  by clicking here.  I promise you it will be fun. And if you make Valentine prints I guarantee the recipients will be extremely happy.


Be Mine! Print 30 in 30 Days!

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Be Mine! Linocut

Be Mine! Linocut

On the last day of 30 prints in 30 days, we are only 2 weeks away from Valentines Day. What could be more fitting than a Be Mine! Linocut. This 6″ x 4″ image on 10″ x 8″ Rives BFK. On Etsy

I know it is a bit hard to see as the print looks black at the top, but it is dark magenta! There is a rainbow roll from red to magenta and each one is slightly different. You can see in the table of prints.

Table of Valentines

Table of Valentines

Also I made a narrower print, still BFK paper but it is 10″ x 6″ and blank at the bottom so you can write in your own message to that special person.

BeMine Print along side Write in Valentine Print

BeMine Print along side Write in Valentine Print

BIG SPECIAL – If you buy the 10″ x 8″ print which you can see here  you can add the write in print for only $5.00 (50% off!) by using the code, “BeMine” I printed 50 of the narrow write in prints, order as many as you like. On Etsy

10" x 6" write in print

10″ x 6″ write in print

Wow 30 prints in 30 days concluding with a lot of love for all of you. Your support has been overwhelming! This is what the whole month looks like:

30 prints in 30 days!

30 prints in 30 days!

Don’t worry, I will not stop here. Tomorrow’s post will outline just how this daily print project will continue. That’s right, it will continue!