Handsome Pepe and his Linocut Portrait

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Beautiful Pete with his handsome portrait

Last Fall, I donated a custom pet portrait to the silent auction fundraiser at the Oakland Animal Services, where my friend Audra is instrumental in the care and placement of kittens and cats. I love to donate my carving and printing skills to raise money while making custom portraits for families. This is the beautiful Pepe, age 15 years young and a handsome boy indeed.

Romy, the human companion to Pepe, won the bid, but somehow we did not connect until winter. A phone number or email was wrong, but eventually, we connected. Romy emailed me several sweet photos and Pepe to work from.


It usually takes me a month to draw, carve, and print a portrait. But thankfully, Romy was incredibly patient because it took me over four months. Caught up in the COVID-19 epidemic from Brooklyn, and later the Adirondack Mountains where SIP meant I got to stay in the country, yes this was awesome,  but I could not return home where my press was.

I carved a bit each day, making extra fine details since I had time. Because I was slow in completing the project, I felt like it better be extra good. Above is a short clip of me carving the 9″ x 5″ block.

Pepe Linocut

Pepe, linocut block in progress

This is the block at about 80% complete. And finally, it was time, after three months, to drive back to Brooklyn where my press was. I had some beautiful Awagami Factory handmade limited edition Gampi paper for printing Pepe waiting for me.

I was so happy how it printed, how the ink laid on the paper. It was awesome to be back in Brooklyn at home and have my press.  I made an edition of 14, dried it, signed each print, and packages it up.


I am so thankful to have this opportunity and the extra time to make this linoleum block print of Pete. It was truly an honor.

If you have a printing project in mind or are curious to have a portrait of your pet; dog, cat, turtle, horse, pig, otter,  bear, your name it, I would be happy to talk.

A custom carved linocut portrait of Sam.

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Sam Linocut Custom Dog Portrait

Sam Linocut Custom Dog Portrait

Lisa Studier left this morning and I got into the studio to catch on  a portrait that my dear friend Peggy requested. Honestly, at first I was not so sure I could do a pet portrait. But have already done one for her I welcomed the second opportunity and it was a blast.

The custom linocut dog portrait is a gift for her daughter, who also supplied the photos for me to work from. I drew “Sam” onto a 5″ x 7″ linoleum block, carved him out, and set out to print.

Carving Linocut of Sam

Carving Linocut of Sam

It was a rough day in the studio. It was very cold, colder inside  than outside, some ink colors appeared almost frozen where others were way too runny. I printed and printed and got nothing. I cleaned up, came in the house, and tried again today. And it was perfect. I got a great print of Sam. In addition I made 5 folded gift/greeting cards. These cards are pretty sweet and since it is a gift Peggy can write a message to her daughter in it, plus her daughter will get 4 others she can send out. She can always get more later if she likes.

4" x 5" folded hand printed linocut cards with custom carving

4″ x 5″ folded hand printed linocut cards with custom carving

I am going to offer to make up to 3 dog portraits a month. They can take 10 to 15 hours to make, so doing three a month would be super fun. I am beginning some big 24″ x 36″ linocuts all based on mountains, hiking, wilderness adventure in for my fall exhibition and I need to make sure I leave time for those. They take about 60 + hours to carve, but they will be amazing, just as amazing as little Sam here. You can order a custom dog portrait at my Etsy Store. 

P.S. The color is the same on all of them, despite looking different here.  The photos are a bit crappy because they are from my cell phone. I still need to get a new camera.

Sam, Linocut Dog custom dog portrait

Sam, Linocut Dog custom dog portrait