First Art/Craft Fair report

Hilary, Laura and Jessica with our two tents and blue bus

Hilary, Laura and Jessica with our two tents and blue bus

The summary of our art sale. It was a great two months of planning, making, and anticipating our first bus participation art sale. We got to the set-up at 8:30, for a 10am start time. Laura, Jessica and I seamlessly set up  two tents and the bus interior. It looked great. Then the sky turned gray, the wind picked up and a massive hail storm took out about 70% of the venders while we hunkered down in the bus. My friend Lisa came for a surprise visit from Santa Fe, it was super great to see her. We would not have survived without her help in a mad rush to get everything in the bus to protect it from the rain. After an hour, the hail  stopped and we set back up.

Our second set up

Our second set up

Our new spot was an even better  set up. But it was cold and windy, and with what sales I made I went over to the Cheesy Grill to get a hot very delicious sandwich.

My first sale was  one of my favorite framed prints, the “Industrious Ant” and it was my first use of my new “Square.” We recording the momentous event. You can see I am jubilant by my big mouth grin.

Hilary's first sale of the day.

Hilary’s first sale of the day.

By 3pm there were only 3 venders out of 30 left and things started getting a bit weird. We were tired and decided to pack it in too. While very little sold, for anyone, it was fun and a  good opportunity to work with two other  friends. We are now making art vending plans for the whole summer. I think it will be good fun.

But the best part, making new friends and seeing old friends. First I met two women from Iowa City, we overlapped at the University of Iowa while doing our graduate work, and seeing Melody, a friend from NYC, whom I met in 2012 or was it 2013 at my friend Les and Diane’s Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, it is a small world!

Melody and Hilary

Melody and Hilary

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