Buddy, The Cockatiel, Linocut #39, Print of the Day

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Detail - Cockatiel Linocut

Detail – Cockatiel Linocut

This is a detail of Buddy of Cockatiel. “Buddy” according to the The Bird Channel is the 3rd most popular name for a Cockatiel after, “Sunny” and “Sunshine.” I thought this one looked more like a “Buddy.”

Buddy, Linocut 10" x 8"

Buddy, Linocut 10″ x 8″

Buddy looks awesome in this frame, his feather color gradually moves from orangey yellow to light yellow, to yellow grey and down to grey. The image is a little over 6.3″ x 4″ wide on 10″ x 8″  Rives BFK paper.

This linoleum block was super fun to carve. In fact I carved three blocks on Sunday, getting a head start to the week. It is going to be a really spectacular print week.

Look at these sweet “Buddy” prints all lined up and drying in the studio. They will be ready to find homes tomorrow. Ten are available on Etsy, as a print of the day project and still only $20.

Cockatiel Linocut, drying on table

Cockatiel Linocut, drying on table

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