Virtue of the Ant, Print a Day Project

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“The world would be a happier place if humanity held and utilized the virtues of ants.”  While  most of us avoid ants and may try to kill their homes, ants are extremely industrious. They gather and hunt, they work hard, are patient and co-operative. An ant is able to carry a leaf, a crumb or a dead ant for miles – just to get back home to the anthill.  If an ant has to fight, it will, if an ant has to dig tunnels, it will, and if an ant has to carry leaves for miles, it will, all for the good of the community. If you want to know the virtues of ants you can read more here.

Industrious Ant

Industrious Ant

I often thought of myself as a horse, a work horse more specifically, but after reading about ants, with this project alone, I am I qualify with the virtue of the ants.

Table of ants

Table of ants

Edition of 10, The Print of the Day  is now available on Stonetrigger Press Etsy store, $20 each. They are 10″ x 8″, image is 6″ x 4″ printed onto Rives BFK paper.

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