USPS and Mail Delivery Problems


Isn’t there something in the stars that upsets the balance of things? Is there some post office God that ensures the mail goes though? Well it seems I have a couple snags. Yesterday I learned that a first class package sent to Australia on January 3rd, just arrived this week, 4 weeks to delivery. Today I learned that a big print portfolio of 30 prints slated to be shown at the Southern Graphics International Conference in TN has gone missing. This was a very complicated print:pegasus From_VictroliaI became worried and checked my international shipments. Good, the order sent out January 27th to Toronto arrived on February 3, but then Oh No! the order sent to Vancouver on January 19th has not show up. I checked the order to Samoa sent on January 23rd and as of February 3rd it only made it to Honolulu, HI.

Good grief, how can it be that it takes 3 days to get to Long Island, NY, but then 12 days to get to San Francisco which is only two states away.  I sure am glad I have tracking numbers. But if your package it taking too long, it should be 2-5 days in the Continental US, up to 2 weeks Internationally. I read in Etsy that at times it can take up to 6 weeks send first class, that is unacceptable.  So if you need your prints by a certain date let me know. I will send them priority, 6-10 business days international. But no matter where you are, if you feel it is taking too long. Please contact me, I will send you a new order the next day. Postage on me.

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