T-shirt Test for Linocut Printing

Stonetrigger Press Linocut Wolf T-shirt

Stonetrigger Press Linocut Wolf T-shirt

Having this weekend off was great for spending a very long day carving. I carved my first t-shirt block, a wolf. I tested the block out on two of my own shirts and they printed great!

I placed an order with a t-shirt supplier for women’s 100% preshrunk ringspun cotton, tri-blend crew neck short sleeves shirts in four different colors. They will be here on Friday for this weeks printing. I will send out a few free samples to get your opinion on the feel of the shirt, the washability of the print. Last summer I printed a shirt last in the same manner and it is just as strong now was it was then, and it stays soft.

I am planning on having shirts available in in two weeks, with at least two different images. I will also take orders for different color shirts, short or long sleeve, men’s or women’s cut. I also got a suggestion for a summer dress. There are just so many options.

This is a fun learning process getting this all down. In the meantime I am finishing up carving today’s print. It will be out at 8pm EST.

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