Conrad! Print #25 of 30

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Conrad, age 7

Conrad, age 7

Conrad, linoleum block print, now on Etsy. 

This is Conrad, one of my two Labradors. He was a rescue as a puppy from North Shore Animal Shelter, NY. Yesterday we had a rough day, Conrad, Homer and I ran into a pack of feral dogs while out on our walk. Conrad got a  bit on his hind quarters.  We spent all morning in the vets office getting him fixed up. Homer was so sad, he just stood stunned and crying after I got the dogs to run away. I have never seen anything like it. But if you know labs, they are happy within seconds of just about anything!



This print is for Conrad, my rough and tumble, used to be afraid of everything dog, now friendly as can be and totally happy-go-lucky, even with big tooth holes in his leg. Conrad is a very special dog. He even likes his print.

2nd take Hilary and Conrad

2nd take Hilary and Conrad

This is print 25 of 30 in a project of 30 prints in 30 days. Each image is 4″ x 6″ printed onto Rives BFK paper. They are printed in an edition of 10 and always only $20 and available on Etsy. 

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