January, 30 prints in 30 days $20

30 prints in 30 days

30 prints in 30 days

Thirty prints in thirty days is a project that I began on January 1, 2015 after listening to a 30 day painting challenge podcast. I carve, print and put one print on my Etsy store at the end of the day for $20. Here is how it works:

1. I hand carve a different 4″ x 6″ linoleum block each day.
2. I hand print on a Charles Brand etching press an edition of 10.
3. I write a blog post announcing the print at 8pm EST, 6pm MT.
4. The print is then available on my StoneTrigger Press Etsy store.
5. After 2-3 days of print drying, I sign and number each print.
6. I package each print in a glassine envelope and cardboard.
7. I put it in the mail to you within 4 days.
8. Shipping is $4.75, that covers actual shipping cost, shipping materials, packaging time and helps off-set the cost of a 12 mile trip to the post office.
9. If you are local you can email me and pick up the prints in person.
10. If you want me to hold prints and I know you, I will.
11. If you are ever unhappy with your print, tell me,  I will exchange it.
12. I hope you are having as much fun collecting prints and I am printing.

Hilary Lorenz, Stonetrigger Press

Hilary Lorenz, Stonetrigger Press

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