Conrad Approved, Crazy Cute Otter, 10 of 30 prints

otter, steeely, blue, river

Conrad Approved, Steely Blue River Otter

I will keep tonights post short, sweet and very cute. The height of cuteness, this steely grey river otter. This is the first proof off the press and it is looking really good. Even Conrad, my 7 year old Labrador approves, he has a tail like an otter.

It is up and available on Etsy. I will print the whole edition of 10 tomorrow, Sunday and can ship them out on Tuesday as they need to dry.

Steely blue grey river otter

Steely blue grey river otter

The usual details: Image 6″ x 4″ paper 10″ x 8″ edition of 10 as part of the 30 prints in 30 days series and always only $20. Does not come framed or matted.

I am beat tonight, I had my first ski lesson in about 30 years, and it was amazing……I will write about it tomorrow on after I complete by first official snow shoe race in the morning.

Framed River Otter

Framed River Otter

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