Moose Head Linocut, 7 out of 30

moose head on bear body, brown moose

Moose Head Print

This is one weird looking moose, more like a moose mask on a bear body. Today is the first day I missed my 8pm EST deadline. I was rushing to carve this block, give the dogs at least a 4 mile walk, then run  5 miles myself, and drive 87 miles to get more printing paper. Something had to give.

I got home with an hour to finish. I went into the dark studio with nothing but a headlamp. The studio is primitive, no electricity, no heat, just mud and rocks and glorious windows to aid in the passive solar.  I made a few proofs under my headlamps and decided to come back into the house to carve some more. My ink was hard in the cold and clumping up, and frankly too dark to see.

So this guy is just a preview, a “proof” print, not the final. He needs to get a few things straightened out, but that is the way with relief printing. You think your block is done, and good, but when you ink it up you see what you are missing or what you want to change. Tonight I will spend the evening changing it up and the final version will be available tomorrow, along with tomorrow’s new print. Hummmm, what should that be?

If your suggestion is selected, I will send you a free print. So fill out the comments with what you want to see carved. It can be anything. The catch is, I will not tell you what day your print is being made, so you have to check back.

Okay, more carving. See you tomorrow with the finished version.

5 thoughts on “Moose Head Linocut, 7 out of 30

  1. It is whale migrating season over here in SoCal (record breaking year in sightings) so… I vote for the gray or blue Whale! Love this series!


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